Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Christmas in white and gold...

Kinda I like no longer see all this Christmas decorations ... 
while outside the weather is like spring.
And anyway, Christmas means something different than decorations and stuff.
But you can not in the picture hold for a blog.
This is difficult to visualize ... and also do not say.


  1. It's so pretty and I feel a bit like you. The weather is sunny and mild. I normally would enjoy that, but for Christmas I want cozy.

  2. such lovely golden ornaments! here we have frigid air with snow still on the ground.

  3. Liebe Mascha,

    ich mag es zu Weihnachten in solchen Läden herumzustöbern...und hin und wieder findet ein Stück bei uns ein neues Heim. :-)

    Herzliche Grüessli