Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

The little fog...

Our weather these days is not Christmas-like, but more spring-like.
On the day it is really mild in the sun.
I walked in the forest and on a pond I saw a little fog.
Just as a small strip above the water.
He moved across the pond and then broke up -
a quiet little show on the edge, at which I arrived just in time


  1. I can relate! Our December is a bit manic with cold alternating with spring. These are lovely images. Nice fog!

  2. the photos really capture the mood. I know it's not Christmas like, but still very pretty.

  3. Same feeling... it seems that real winter is so far and It looks more alike a Spring in some foggy days...

  4. Very beautiful! It really looks like a spring scene too.

  5. The reflections and the fog just above the water make for such pretty pictures. genie