Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013


Christmas is the holy day for the people to whom God has sent his son.
Solstice is the holy day for the Earth and all beings that live on it.
I think we can both celebrate and this day is a good opportunity to give attention to everything that surrounds us .
I live this day aware of and I want to symbolically share the things that I myself get . What does gratitude for me, because to have enough to get and I do not see as a matter of course to .
I'm doing this for many years in my own way.
In the past I‘ve gone to the woods alone , today we go along with my love .
We take good things with us to prepare a gift table for the beings in nature.
After all, why should we just always people give ?

We go up a mountain , always to the same place .
There are some trees that we welcome such good friends.
Then we sweep a place, draw a circle and put the gifts out .
We thank the elements for their presence and blessings to us.
One should not take anything for granted, but sometimes think of it consciously .
The air that we breathe , the sun / the fire that warms us , the water to drink and the earth that sustains us and nourishes .
We ask that the storm uprooted no trees or houses covering... the rain at the right time comes for plants and trees do not wither and not too much , no flood ... that the sun gives heat and power instead of burning and fire does not cover the forest ... - There are always spontaneous thoughts and words , no fixed memorized text.
We wish the creatures and the trees, the winter well to survive in order to welcome the spring again can .
One thing is certain, the sun is now rising again higher and the darkness go away. This is a reason to rejoice.
We then go home and ignite us a lot of lights on .

Later it will be there so maybe go, 
but this we do not want to disturb ;-)

The last picture I found here, the photos I made today.

52 Photos Project


  1. Splendid "pledoarie" for the beauty of the woods.. nice way to celebrate the first day of Winter Solstice!! Once again: thanks for sharing for us this sensitive post and may that your Christmas Holidays to be full of joy!

  2. Liebe Mascha,
    Deine letzten Posts berühren mich sehr!!! Auch ich 'feiere' die Sonnenwende im Sommer und im Winter. Auch meine Spiritualität ist frei und nicht gebunden und ich teile Deine Ansichten über das Weihnachtsfest. Eueren Gabentisch finde ich wunderwunderschön!
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deinem Liebsten fröhliche und ganz wundervolle Weihnachtstage!!!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt,

  3. What a beautiful way to express one's gratitude to the Earth. I think I may have to steal this idea for next winter solstice. :0D

  4. A gorgeous, creative idea. Mother Nature gives so much and we should humbly give back what we can.


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