Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Random 5 Friday

I am a woman who likes to surround sheself with beautiful decorative things, but sometimes it gets me too much - I can not see all those Christmas decorations !
I have shown in my blog this year too much clutter. Decorations, which I saw somewhere in the city, in shops ... the least of them is from my own house ...
I have readers in distant countries and they asked for German Christmas. That's why I made ​​all these images and shown in my Christmas Series . But now it is enough and I 'm going to end this.
For myself, the relationship with Christmas is ambivalent. Beautiful memories of childhood, I have not so much as that Christmas means a lot to me .
For me it's more of a sense of how children noses at shop windows flattened and sadness to gain all the beautiful shiny things never . Whether out of poverty or some other reason .. I could say it. Longing and sadness ... a sense of exclusion - being, are not part of the beautiful glossy globe with kindly and loving people ...
My favorite memory of Christmas is really the time with the homeless . Where we were in dilapidated houses and cold and filth ... and little food, simple things only . But there was something human like cohesion , which was nice and warm.
It was long ago and forgotten much . A good time was not, realistically ... but something changed awareness of time and the view of material things. if you learn how simple and primitive one can live and must and a lot of things missing ...
That shapes for the rest of life.
And that was similar with Mary and Joseph.. to come back on Christmas and what it actually means.
We will celebrate Christmas not as consumer and decoration holiday, 
but very quiet for us.
On your own Art
Of course also with many lights .

Have a qiet and true Christmas all - 


  1. Hi Mascha. I grew up in Prague so completely understand your thought about Christmas. Still, it's precious to me and precious to spend it with my family and loved ones. I know we divide Christmas between Canada and England and so effectively divide the people we spend Christmas with alternately, but what can one do? At least it becomes more precious each year. Hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness. :)

  2. i love to see how others celebrate. so fun. Merry Christmas. ( :

  3. Merry Christmas, Mascha. May they be filled with love and happiness.

  4. To try to keep the commercialism out of the celebration is so difficult these days -- not many family members understand or appreciate it. I do hope you have a wonderful holiday Mascha -- however you choose to celebrate. xo

  5. I agree--it has become so commercial with spend, spend, spend...I have tried to be more conscious of simple things this of time and love. I especially want my children to know what it is really about. I hope you have peace this year.

  6. wonderful to meet you through Nancys blog hop... do you have a way to subscribe with e-mail I would love to add your blog to the ones i read but I am on wordpress. com and cant find another way to fallow you? Jolynn

    1. Please scroll down the page to times far below. In the sidebar on the right is possible by email. I hope this works, otherwise I'm still working on (I'm not so good at it)

  7. Have a happy and peace filled Christmas Mascha!

  8. Oh very true words and I think that is the best way to celebrate not as consumers. Beautiful photos. Have a beautiful simple Christmas just the way it should be. B

  9. Beautiful thoughts on Christmas. This year my family has decided not to do gifts. For me it's simply about spending time with the ones I love.