Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

My personal Christmas miracle ...

... or even birthday gift ... I got last evening.
I was still busy on the computer and wanted this just shut down .
I looked again into the mailbox and found a message ---

But from the beginning of the story:
End of the 70s I heard as a young girl often Radio " IBRA " .
It was a  Baptist Radio in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​. They had wonderful songs .
Of course, you could then hardly receive those stations in the GDR , they were intentionally disturbed.
Nevertheless, I tried to listen and delighted me in music. Many songs I already knew well from listening .
Only one I heard only once and that was the most beautiful ...
I had tried it record on magnetic tape (there was music cassettes time with us yet) , but it was very bad and almost nothing to hear .

For 35 years, I remember this song and I looked for it everywhere .
In vain !
Not even on the Internet I could not find it .
I have visited many sites , even Russian ... but nothing -
Then I found on Youtube a user , which more than 300 of these songs had been uploaded.
I have all listened and again found much that is familiar from back then , but not this song ...

A few weeks ago I wrote him a message.
I was not sure if he got it. But I've subscribed to his channel.
And last evening I found in the mailbox automatic email from youtube that this user has uploaded new songs.
I listened to - and there it was! My song .
I get it as a very special birthday gift and am very happy it finally , and in good quality, to be able to hear .


  1. I am solo happy for you Mascha. music like perfume, can awaken special memories in us. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a most wonderful New Year ahead!

  2. happy birthday, and a Happy New Year, Mascha!