Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

"Table-day" in the Church of St. Sylvester

"The Table " is an helping project for the poors in Germany .
I once read that the supermarkets make in the U.S. food with expired shelf life just in front of the door and you can take them with you . - This is unthinkable in Germany . Here these foods are destroyed. They come in containers that they are well sealed and guarded by security services ... so no one can take it ( it still people out there who break the container , is another issue - they do not usually out of necessity , but out of protest) .
Against this practice have been formed social clubs , which pick up the food from the markets and distribute to the needy (unfortunately do not participate in all the markets it, and too much is in my opinion still thrown away - ) .
In many cities, there is a kind store where you get these foods for a small donation . Open daily or 2-3 times a week .

In our town there is not such a shop . But some Christians have teamed up to organize the table with us to 1 or 2 times a month. Distribute the food directly in the church.

Before you get something there , you have to go to the social security office and apply. The means will be verified: all income , assets , bank statements are then checked regularly. That feel I not only humiliating , but well,  so it works in Germany ...
Who lives under a certain limit , then gets a sort of identity card . 
I also have one and may come to the table.

On Thursday was such a "Table day" again . There were many people and I took the long waiting time to take some pictures in the church.
Some are blurred : I only have a small simple camera and I work without flash . Because not everything is so good.
But I can satisfy the curiosity of my readers who asked to see the inside of the church .
Of course, I only photographed there where no people, because they do not want to be seen ...
Next time I will show more pictures and tell a little bit about the church.

Have a great and blessed time .

In my post below are two detail pictures.

Note: I write from my own knowledge and experience. This is not entitled to full information and political correctness ... it's just my personal view .


  1. gorgeous inside. very nice light. i am glad to have the chance to look in. ( :

  2. It is good to know that this church helps feed the poor.

    It is a fine looking church - «Louis» is glad that you were able to get photos of the inside.

    He posted a Lutheran church in the Victorian village of Ferndale, California.

  3. Lovely shots of the old church. The long narrow chapel reminds me of the old Spanish Mission churches we have in the Southwest of the USA. They have such a feeling of quiet and peace.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and New Year.

  4. Thank you for giving us a view of your Beautiful Church . . .I like the way your community has decided to help one another.

  5. your photos are very good, well lit, especially without any flash! what a wonderful service your church is doing.

  6. It is just as I imagined....wood and light. Gorgeous. I was especially taken with the shots of the organ pipes. My son is an organist, so I love to see the old pipes.
    Far too much food goes to waste here in the US too. And, yes, the expiration dates are for the most part "best by" dates. So, the food is not harmful for some time after the dates. But too little of our excess makes it into the hands (and stomaches) of those who need it.
    I love the idea of "the table day". Breaking bread together, meeting such a basic need in God's house--this is a wonderful thing.
    Thank you for adding this post.


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