Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Monastery Church - pt. 1 -

A baroque Benedictine abbey church,
which is now used as a Catholic parish church.
I made a lot of photos, this is part 1 of my series.

Here are just two images

After the local Church had passed into Adersleben 1216 the Burchardikloster in Halberstadt, encouraged the local monks , the application of a Cistercian nunnery , which was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The confirmation of the monastery took place in 1267 by the Bishop of Halberstadt Volrad .

1276 the local church was incorporated into the monastery and later transferred the whole place and the farmers living there to the monastery by purchase . The village Adersleben was therefore referred to as a deserted village in 1445 .

The monastery was meant for the care worthy of frail virgins.
St. Nicholas Church

During the Peasants ' War of 1525 and the Thirty Years War the monastery was looted and partially destroyed. The monastery was still maintained. However, it experienced a period of decline, which ended in 1809 with the complete abolition of the decisions of the Kingdom of Westphalia . Since then, the St. Nicholas monastery church, dedicated is a Catholic parish church . It was built about 1751 . Of note are the baroque high altar from 1794 and two side altars .

Today the Church of St. Nicholas is part of the Catholic parish of St. Burchard based in Halberstadt .

The actual monastery building came into the possession of individuals and were bought back in 1866 by the Prussian state who established a state domain here . From the historic buildings remains are preserved today hardly .

Adersleben, Germany


  1. this must be fabulous to see in person. I am always a bit surprized at the opulence found in some churches, the craftsmanship is stunning.

  2. i always think the outside is the best, then you go inside & i think no the inside is the best. amazing!! i agree i would so love to see it in person. i love the altar ... i guess that is the right word for it. ( :

  3. This is very interesting. The interior is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Antworten
    1. t this monastery belonged to an estate and there is also the dove cote, very close. A very interesting, but also dilapidated building complex - I'll show more photos of them soon.

  5. The opulence of Baroque-era art is on display here!

    «Louis» posted a Lutheran church in the California Wine Country.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Baroque. How I would love to be able to see it in person. I look forward to your continuation of this series.

  7. Beautiful, thanks for sharing this and joining Travel Photo Mondays today!