Sonntag, 2. März 2014

The perfect house

this is the perfect house
with perfect light & perfect weather & wouldn't you know,
it's not ever going to come on the market

- storypeople -

Shared with Sunlit Sunday


  1. Welcome back Sunlit Sunday, Masha.

    It does look like a wonderful house, with strong stone walls and beautifully arched, red-mullioned windows. With every warmed by the sun, it looks very inviting.


  2. Beautiful capture of the sun on the house. I can imagine the vines growing in the summer.

  3. There is always hope!!! Beautiful pictures! Cathy

  4. Lovely shadows on the wall, that's for sure!

  5. It's beautiful, no matter who owns it. Lovely light on the stone, with the bare vine clinging to it.

  6. It is so pretty. I love the windows. Such pretty photos.

  7. oh- that brickwork is very nice indeed.

  8. That is a really nice house. Don't give up hope. A friend of mine knocked on the door of a house he wanted to buy and asked the owners to call him if and when they wanted to sell it. He now lives in that house with his family. :)


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