Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. Your photos of this wonderful old building are great. I like them very much, I like the building too with its bricks showing through. It has so much character.

    Thank you very much for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments on my birthday :)

    Wishing you a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles

  2. Those golden yellow bricks are stunning! I love old buildings and all the exposed bricks underneath. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

  3. I don't often find enough words to describe what I would like or what I I will just say that I love your photos of the mellow yellow very much.

  4. Stunning, weathered old building! The weathering itself is a work of art! It adds character!

  5. old and worn out but still beautiful.