Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Friday Five and rusty things


We had some light frost and snow showers this week, but the signs of spring are not to be overlooked


In the morning when I get up and I fed the cat, we both sit still in the dark on the rooftop, looking down and enjoying the spring air and the birds singing.
 For my cat this sounds very yummy ;-)


Each afternoon, when the cat is looking for a sunny place, I have done some initial work in the garden, cut hedges and other...


My health has now become something better. I found a homeopathic doc and got some remedies to take at different times of the day. Since then I can finally sleep again, 3 to 5 hours at night, sometimes even more. This is a great relief after 16 months of severe insomnia and I hope all other healthy problems heal now by themselves, by sleep.


I like to stroll through cemeteries.
It is so peaceful there and you can hear so many birds like nowhere else.
And I find there many beautiful things.
Please come with me for a little walk and take a look at some nice rusty details.
(Pictures from my archive)

Have a great and sunny weekend all

Five On Friday (in this meme I'm a new participiant and I put the button in the sidebar to all the others)

PS: Wow, I see: Nancy's Random5Friday is back!
There are many other kindly memes, but for me is this the original, with which I began to write down  thoughts and random facts on Fridays and learned Enlisch by this doing. 


  1. Gut, daß dir der Heilpraktiker helfen konnte. Dann wünsche ich dir weiterhin rinen erholsamen Schlaf. Deine Bilder vom Friedhof sind traumhaft schön.
    Liebe grüße

  2. Liebe Mascha,
    die Bilder sind wunderbar. Das Schneeglöckchen zeigt der Frühling ist nicht mehr sow eit weg wie auch schon. Hier schneit es gerade jetzt.
    Wie toll das du endlich wieder besser schlafen kannst. Hoffe es darf sich noch steigern.Das du jemand gutes gefunden hast um dich homöopatisch zu unterstützen ist klasse. Möge es nur noch aufwärts gehen!
    So wie ich es herauslese geht es Merula wieder bestens. Mich freut es für euch beide.

    Alles Liebe

  3. Five good things! I am glad that you are sleeping better, being able to get out in the garden again is a great help too isn't it. It looks as though you have things bursting into life already! Thank you so much for joining in, I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  4. What a lovely post full of hope for Spring and the season to come. Heart warming photos x

  5. Beautiful pictures, I really loved the iron cross at the end.

  6. Oh, Mascha, these are some wonderful photos. I love that fence in the 11th shot. But all the others are wonderful.

    I bet you will feel so much better with getting some much needed sleep! So glad for you.

  7. Thank you for the peaceful walk with you - i feel better already . . I am glad you are beginning to feel better . . .

  8. Mascha, glad you are feeling better and getting some sleep. I loved your walk through the cemetery. What beautiful monuments. The ball and chain one is really fascinating. Great photos.

  9. Lovely shots, I love the the cemetery. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. Hi Mascha, your spring is a little like mine over here on the west coast of Canada. Nice! The east coast is really suffering under a big freeze. Hope your weekend is a lovely and spring time one. :D

  11. Lovely cemetery photos. Kind of creepy at times, sad or beautiful at other moments. Thank you for sharing I too have missed R5F and am glad Nancy brought it back.

  12. Lovely to see Srping is on the way, glad that the homepathic medcine is helping you.

  13. I love wandering in cemeteries too, and you have some beautiful ones there! Lovely photos.

  14. your cemeteries are quite different than here in the US, but I really like them too. beautiful images.

    Happy weekend to you

  15. I am delighted that you are getting more sleep, that will help improve your health, I think. There is much loveliness in this cemetery. I too like to wander the cemetery where my husband is buried. However, I've not seen any signs of spring as you pictured here.

  16. I am glad you are sleeping better now. I have sleep difficulties too and I know how awful it can be. Your photos are so beautiful! The snowdrops are positively glowing! The cemetery photos are gorgeous too and I do love rusty things. I am often amazed actually at how there is so much beauty in decay though we don't see that in humans. Have a lovely weekend! xo

  17. It's nice to hear you are getting some rest now and feeling better. I think it's wonderful that you spent special time outside with your cat enjoying the first signs of spring. I love those little white snow drop flowers. Your cemetery is gorgeous. All the ornate iron gates and such are just wonderful. I can see why it would be a peaceful place to visit.

  18. Your cemetery pictures are just beautiful! I am silly and a little scared to walk through a cemetery....never know who you are walking on!

  19. i am so glad your health is improving!! beautiful looks more like springtime there than here! thank you for linking and have a super week mascha!!

  20. I'm so glad to hear your health is improving. Those signs of spring look wonderful! We've not had any here yet. I like cemeteries too. Very peaceful.

  21. Wonderfull series,nice place, greeting from Belgium

  22. So happy you are feeling better, and even getting out in the garden and gardening!
    Are you able to liberate the plants from the basement? I hops so!
    Love those early signs of magical. New birth, can't beat it! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Oh no, they have to stay in the dungeon still 4-6 weeks. It always comes back even frost.
      Actually the day for plants in our region is the 15th of May, then cold days are finally over. But I'm the risk to free them earlier and mostly I have luck...

  23. Liebe Mascha,
    ich freue mich sehr zu lesen, dass es Dir wieder besser geht und Du endlich wieder schlafen kannst! Schön auch, dass Dein Lieblingsmeme zurück ist...ich lese Deine 5 Fakten immer gerne. (Wie sagt man den zu 'meme' in deutsch...ich weiß gar keine richtige Übersetzung - Blogparty oder Linkparty vielleicht, aber das klingt für mich auch irgendwie komisch...)
    Den Spaziergang und Deine wundervollen Fotos von den vielen schönen alten Details habe ich sehr genossen. Ich mag die Ruhe auf Friedhöfen auch sehr und finde es immer wieder faszinierend, wie viel Leben es da gibt...

    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt und lass es Dir gut gehen!
    Alles Liebe


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