Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

G is for grandparents

This is a scan of an old paper photo, what I made in 1980 with my first camera.
It was an old Praktica IV from 1960.
I bought it at a second hand shop of my first of self-earned money.
It quickly became my best friend...

My gradpa (1894-1987) and my grandma (1899-1988) made all days
 a little walk through the nearby forest.
I often accompanied them and there arose this photo.
I know to this day exaktly the place, where I took this picture.
Granny was blind and was led by Grandpa and he told her everything that was on the way to see.
Grandpa was deaf and needed Grandma's ears for important informations.
She listened and wrote it on for him on paper, if it was important (other stuff he would not know -)
He made for her a desk with adjustable metal lines on which she was able to write.
They helped and supported each other and together could overcame so many years her everyday life. 

Grandpa read to her every night, many years along and many many books.
He could read very expressive, although he did not hear anything.
But he was only at the age become numb.
I often remember this reading hours with him.
No one professional actor has read an audio book for me so good....
I'm sad, that I had then no technique to record it.
So his voice lives on only in my memory, audible to anyone except for me.

 The happiest time of my childhood I had at the age of five, when I lived a short time by granparents. At that time they were still vigorous than in the picture and could still see and hear a little more.
About it I will write next time.

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  1. what a lovely story, i clicked on the hyperlink and got to see what your first camera looked like; have a nice day
    thanks for linking in to Monday WRites

    much love...

  2. Oh my, this was such a lovely story...thank you for sharing!

  3. Really touching. So lovely to learn about this sweet couple. They are still alive in your memories.
    He was deaf and she was blind.
    I had written a similar story about 2 siblings. But, this is a real story. Truth is stranger than fiction!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and leading me to your lovely spot on the world wide web! I've enjoyed browsing your little corner of the world!

  5. My grandparents have all been down since January 1983. A bit sad, I think.


  6. Beautiful story written with so much heart, Mascha. I am so happy to know that you have such warm memories of your grandparents. They loved, supported each other - and that's what makes every day special, when you share your life with someone compassionate and supportive. The Grandpa's reading sessions sound magical. The desk made especially for your Grandma's needs - that's true love.

    I also regret that I have not recorded my Grandma's voice, she had many stories to tell about her growing up in the Central Russia, and she spoke with a very special Northern dialect which was only common where she lived. She did not consider Siberia a part of Russia, though she moved to Siberia in her early 30s and spend many years there untill she died at the age of 83. Siberia felt like another country to her. xxx

  7. Such a lovely memory, Mascha. Thanks for sharing the love and devotion of your grandparents. I have the same adoration for my dad's parents.

  8. Wonderful story of a wonderful couple. I have good memories of my grandparents on my mother's side. They had a deep faith in the Lord. That was in England, long ago.

  9. What wonderful memories of your grandparents and such a great choice for the letter G!

  10. A wonderful story of devotion.


  11. What a wonderful memory of your beloved grandparents. Thank you for sharing their devotion to each other with us.

  12. A lovely memorial to your grandparents' devotion to one another

  13. Beautiful memories of your grandparents.

  14. what a beautiful treasure and wonderful memories of your grandparents.

  15. Oh Mascha, what a beautiful, heartwarming story of your grandparents! Grandparents make the world a more lovely place, don't they :) Thanks so much for sharing at ROI. Hugs to you!

  16. What a lovely post, grandparents are so precious as are our memories of them #alphabetphoto

  17. This is such a wonderful photo, filled with such special memories. Lovely post x #alphabetphoto

  18. So lovely. The photo and the story are just beautiful. Wonderful memories. #AlphabetPhoto

  19. That is a touching retelling of how they needed each other and helped each other. The photo is a special one too.

  20. Grace says - What a lovely story and so many lovely memories for you. I really loved my mum reading this to me xx #alphabetphoto

  21. Aww this is so nice to read! Their story is just so sweet! I am still crying. They are just perfect for each other #alphabetphoto

  22. Grandparents are blessings and their guidance is priceless.

  23. lovely story, My grandma went back to China and died there. We never got to know her, and Grand dad took a second wife.

  24. Such a touching story! And yes, time spent with them are the best moments of life.


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