Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Lost workshop

Cement in the coffee grinder

They were three little boys. Played together every day.
Found in a corner  a open bag of cement.
Fine, now we can build something, bricks are back there!
They brought water and wanted to mix cement.
But it was not a powder, but hard little lumps. - What to do?
Let us go into the workshop, the working men will know.
They went in and asked.
But working men had to work and no time for such questions.
Little boys can be annoying ...
Finally, one said: take a coffee mill and crushed the cement in it!

One boy went into the kitchen and got the coffee grinder. They tried.
It did not work, but coffee grinder was broken.
In the next morning, the mother sought coffee grinder and the story came out.
Mother terribly excited, ran cursing in the workshop.
How can you say that?! - - -
But working man had no time for questioning boys and nagging mothers too ...

This is a true story.


  1. Wow! That's quite a story! And lovely accompanying windows :)

  2. Fascinating story and a fantastic building. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Quite a story, Mascha....and it's true?

  4. What a great old building. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. I just adore this building, very exquisite. Your story does sound like one many children have fallen into, and I do believe every now and then working men need to take a break and really listen to an asking child, and offer sound advice!

  6. this is a great find Mascha. love it.

  7. Oh, funny...what kids will do! Love the old building.

  8. Really enjoyed the history behind this old building.

  9. A great old building, and a great story of boys being boys :)


  10. Children! :-) Exploring, experimenting, sometimes breaking. :-) Cute story, and lovely photo.

  11. Oh no! Kids will be kids. Men will be men.

  12. Mascha, thanks for joining into the writing challenge. Love the old building.

  13. Who knows? If the workmen had found time to encourage the boys, they might have grown up to be famous builders.


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