Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Childrens Hospital

50 years ago it was a hospital for children.
Merry laughter rarely, more shouting and suffering.
Crying. Hopeless.
Mom, when are you coming?
Let me not alone!
Oh take me home with you!
Why do I have to be here?
No, I do not want a syringe - iiiiiiiiiiiih -
Mistress doctor with the shrill voice very strict.
Parents out front of the glass only.
Children could see them.
Touching is not allowed.

In Room number 14 the girl died.
Doctors could not save her.
Little Marie.
Long she was there. Dreaming of home.
In vain.

Later, the house was empty.
 Someone smashed the windows.
Wind swept through the rooms.
Took away much of the aftertaste of all pain .
Cry faded quietly in the breeze.

Later still came builders.
Renewed the house, took away the medical smell.
Beautiful renovated house.
Rents expensive.

They moved in, the couple with the cat.
Large apartment upstairs.
Could pay the rent, because they worked hard.
Cat alone, all days looked out of the window -
when finally someone comes back?
Where is the hand that caresses me?

Suddenly it was a breath of air and also like a warm hand.
Child's hand stroking cat.
Little Marie.
Invisible friend.
Touch, so long awaited.
Purring cat, comforting.
Cat feels Annie and her affection.
Even if no one else sees the little girl.


The Hospital was really in this house.
And Mrs. Doctor with the shrill voice we've knowed too - terrible woman!
The cat is in the photo randomly (can you see her in a window top right?)
and she was my inspiration.


  1. Mascha, thank you so much for joining in with your picture story. Fabulous and so touching. A very sad tale, but so lovely for the cat. Awesome.

  2. That is quite the tale, Masha. Such sadness then joy comes. I can see the cat in the window, sweet.

    It was so nice to visit with you.
    Joy! Debbie

  3. How sad!
    Please come share at

  4. Sad story and a moody photo to support the story! #weeklytopshot

  5. I wish I could see the stories in my photos. You have a true gift.


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