Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Like a fairytale...

This is the wall arond a small Castle in Röderhof, near Halberstadt, Germany.
In 1992, I was once in here, it was very dilapidated and overgrown, like Sleeping Beauty.
It belonged to a Artist Club and here was a gallery.
It was a beautiful, haunted place, like a fairy tale ...
Since then I have often dreamed of returning, but without a car was not possible.
Now I've finally seen it again (thanks to our friend with his car)!
But it has been sold and is now privately owned.
One can only furtively looking through the gate and I did ...

We took a walk around the wall and it is truly a magical place:
on every corner was another light mood.


  1. You live in a beautiful country with so much history that goes way, way back to castles, the stuff of fairytales!

  2. it really is impressive! i cannot imagine buying a castle as a residence. :) such a pretty wall!

  3. Indeed, very much like right out of a fairy tale.

  4. A fairy-tale alright small castle. How nice. Love them all your pictures. those walls are breathtaking. The doors. A lot of imagination of characters coming through the doors. . I would be there every day admiring. Lucky you.

    Oh so magical as you said. Glad I dropped into your blog.

  5. Yes very magical and a marvellous wall around the property

  6. Yes a very "magical" looking place. The stone wall, the Ivy, the Iron Gate all are very charming. I would enjoy walking around it too. It's nice to know someone is taking care of it now.

  7. The Castle and wall are just beautiful. What a magical place to live.. Awesome photos, have a happy day!

  8. I just love those old castles. I visited my sister in Heidelberg a few years back, and we took a weekend tour of some castles along the Rhine. The beauty is overwhelming! We don't have anything nearly so old here!

  9. oh wow, so pretty but sad you could not get inside. love stonework.

  10. Sad that it has closed to the artists. Still beautiful from outside.
    I'm so happy you had a car trip! xo JJ

  11. Such a glorious, magical place! Beautiful photos! The wall and gates and the glimpses of the rest of the architecture are wonderful! So glad you got to go back and see it again.

  12. Beautiful! How I would love to explore an old castle.

  13. This IS a place of dreams--thank you for sharing!

  14. Stunning stone work. And the views are splendid.


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