Freitag, 24. April 2015

Friday Five and the old manor house


The good news at first: this abandoned manor house is still alive.
I know it since 1992, but rarely have the opportunity to visit it.
At Easter we were there with our friend's car.
I very like this building.

These jealousies were the inspiration for my quilt (had already shown).
I never assume anything exactly like it is, but much serves me as inspiration for various artworks.


The pots are out.
In the pots is fresh soil and tubers of begonias.
Now they can grown (hope that the cold don't come back)


Last week I had not time to make a new Friday-Five-post.
To many was to do in the garden and I did a spring cleaning in the stable.
Much old stuff clears out, that was very needed!

On last Saturday was the removal of garden waste.
That's twice a year and very convenient for people without a car.
Green and soft things I compost here.
But all the dry and woody stuff I put on the roadside.
They take it away, shred and recycle it.
This is better than to make smoldering fires in the garden.


I've bought some geraniums.
It's the first year, that I must buy.
Normally I take countersinks of the plants and I hibernate all in the basement.
But the basement is quite dark, has no windows - not the best conditions.
So I must cut off all the leaves before bringing down.
All plants that do not survive, but never were all dead.
Not one has survived this winter :-(


At last a requiem for my dead geraniums: Kirlian Camera "Flowers"
(a track from the begin of the 90th year)s
Warning: it's a very sad music.
Kirlian Camera is an Italian Darkwave-Elektro-Neoklassic band, for Gothic people and this music is probably very unusual for the ears of the most of others.
I'm in love with some genres of music, was never a Goth girl, but I like this music.

Have a great weekend all :-)


  1. I love the beautiful garden pots, what a lovely shade of blue they will look amazing filled with the brightness of begonias. Have a great weekend.

  2. Very interesting photos, as always! Lovely blue pots.
    I'm sorry for your pelargoniums. This year several of mine died too. Fortunately some with nice colours survived, like the one in my first photo.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Those bright blue pots are gorgeous, even better when the begonias flower. Bravo for having a clear out, it's good you can get all of it taken away from the roadside. Have a great weekend, Mascha.

  4. how funny, we were on the same wave length with abandoned buildings and quilts! love that old building and those are pretty blue pots and i adore geraniums! have fun in the garden and thanks for linking! take care mascha!

  5. Love the abandoned manor, great photo shot and I soooo love those blue pots, stunning

  6. Great news about the old manor house, I like the looks of it too! Your blue pots are gorgeous and will be even more lovely with your plantings in them.

  7. Wow, you have been busy in your garden haven't you! It is a shame about the geraniums, but it is good that you have some nice new plants to start the year off with. Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  8. I loved seeing your beautiful photos. And your blue pots are so lovely. I'm sure they will be most pretty with summer flowers. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Oh, Mascha, what a wonderful post! I LOVE the old house and am so glad it is still there! Love your blue flower pots, but sorry you needed a requiem for the geraniums. The music was very interesting, though. I liked it! How energetic you are getting all this done in the garden and shed! The garden is looking like it is ready for some new life! And your quilt is lovely!

  10. I love old buildings and your blue pots are very pretty. Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers but they don't last long here because of the heat and dust. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. Thank you for sharing, I love the picture of all your blue pots. And I have been listening to your music whilst reading other blogs - yes I like it too, and I had never heard of a goth in my younger days lol.

  12. I love geraniums, they remind me of Switzerland, where it was almost compulsory to have them on the balcony or window sill. They smell nice at night. Have a good weekend.

  13. That manor house is great and the blue pots are such a vivid tone.

  14. Mascha, it looks like you have been busy in your garden. Tom The Backroads trabeller


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