Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

52 Photos Project: Childhood Games

All children play their game together.
The sun is low.
An autistic girl plays off and alone.
She loves her books, she loves fairy tales ...
and she is the sleeping beauty.
The old curtain of the mother are
a magnificent castle in the hedges.
The girl is sleeping and sleeping.
A sleeper does not need to speak
and all others are silent.
So it is good.
She sleeps and sleeps and grow and grow the hedges -
can anyone to break the spell?

52 Photos Project

(The child in the photo is not the same as in the text)


  1. who would break such a spell when the lovely one is enthralled by it!

    a very warm photo you have here inspired by love.

    i finally joined the project and my first take is here --->

  2. A beautiful and very touching picture!

  3. Just wondering why some are made to be different.

    1. I think it would not be good if all are equal. Colors are also very different and the only way vouches colorfulness and diversity.
      Although it is sometimes difficult for people to be different, because few are "so" ...
      It is important to know and tolerate -

  4. Beautiful in so many ways! Thanks for sharing on WTS this week!