Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

November pictures... and: I'm so sad -

It's not really a fence, but someone has built it in the woods.
We found it in the fog, something spooky ...

It is off topic, but I write it in this post, because some participants knew the blog "A Rural Journal"
The blogger has given up 6 months ago. I'm sure they had important personal reasons.
I have some time later looked at older posts, because her photos had a special quality and I've liked to see them again and again. And she had also become particularly valuable to me through her writing.
Then I visited a long time no longer Rural Journal ....
Now I can no more find the blog and the Facebook page no longer.
It seems to me as if someone had deliberately obliterated all traces or to come back to the topic, built high fences around herself.
I was very sad about the end of her blog and I am now even more.
I often think of Nancy and wonder what might have happened and how well she's doing.
I have often looked to see whether she has left comments on other blogs, but I could never find anything.
I am very sad.
Surely this is an undue please (sorry!): but if anyone knows how she is or is even in contact with her, please write to me.
Right in the sidebar (below) is a contact form if it can not be left as a public comment.
Thank you.

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  1. I love your foggy scenes and fences! I am sure Nancy is doing well, taking a blogging break! I thought she mentioned on Facebook she was missing the blog ! It would be great if she made a comeback with a new blog, I miss her post and photos too! Enjoy your day!

  2. Lovely foggy scenes and a great find for Good Fences. It is sad when a blog disappears without knowing why. We become so invested in them, that we feel a loss. I don't know Nancy or her blog but I do hope she is okay. Maybe, as Eileen mentioned, she took a break and will be returning soon.

  3. I wonder who built this short bit of fencing and why.

    I too remember Nancy and her wonderful photos. She had a keen photographer's eye. Hopefully she will return to blogging!

  4. Hi, Mascha - this is my first visit, and I loved your photos...kind of spooky. My heritage is entirely German from the farming area around Emden, Germany, where we have visited. I'll be joining you to get to see more of your posts.

  5. yes although very small, it is a fence. Very spooky

  6. Very creative, crafty fence sense! I know of an artist around here that often makes these kinds of stick and branch pieces in the woods. He even hangs teardrop shaped twigs. Perhaps Nancy changed her information for whatever reason, and she or someone else will see your question and send information about her, or possibly her new blog if she made one.

  7. Sehr gruselige Bilder. Wahrscheinlich hat es auch was mit dem dichten Nebel zu tuhn.

  8. All we need is Witch Hazel appearing through it. A good find though for fences.

  9. i love this sweet find.

    nancy is a warm, down-to-earth soul who touched a great many people in blogland. i am glad she took a break for herself, though, when she needed to. i hope she will return some day as well. we all miss her presence.

  10. I miss Nancy too. And what wonderful images.

  11. Lovely mysterious photos! One wonders why the "fence" was built there in the trees.

  12. Eerie ... spooky, one can imagine something creepy hiding in the woods watching ... what a beautiful mood piece and what a great eye, Mascha.

    I am so sorry that you are sad. Nancy was loved by many and if she can or wishes to, will return. Blog friendships seem to evolve into something very real and it is sad when someone leaves ... but it is a choice they have made for their own personal reasons which most blog friends are not privy to. I know it is not the same as losing a flesh and blood friend, but it still hurts ... you are a kind and sensitive person, Mascha ... I wish you well.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. I like this fence in the fog. I love to photograph fog, but I HATE to drive in it...too scary and dangerous.

  14. I don't know Nancy, but I'm sorry she gave up her blog. I know a little of how she may feel if noone visited here much, I quit my other blog I had because it seemed like my followers there didn't care anymore and would not comment. That's when I started my photo blog and now I have all new friends and followers and I appreciate them all so much.

  15. Loved the make shift fence you found in the woods. It's really neat looking. Nancy has a FB account. I sent her a link to your post. I miss her blog as well.

  16. First of all I want to say your pictures are stirring. I would like to know the story behind that.
    Second, if I ever decided to stop blogging I think I would leave a message to the good folks who took their time to visit me.
    Like you I get upset when someone disappears.

    1. She wrote at the time that she stop blogging.
      What I do not understand now, and what makes me so sad, is that all her beautiful blog disappeared and you can not look at the old posts. I do not understand why :-(

  17. forgot to tell you the make do fence is neat too.

  18. Neat fence photos!...interesting!..I wonder if it was a start to a play fort or paintball gun fort made by kids??? I hope your blogging friend is ok!

  19. Beautiful,haunting photos. Hope you find your blogging friend.

  20. Beautiful, intriguing find in the foggy woods. I wonder what the story behind the fence is?
    I miss Nancy's wonderful blog too.


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