Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Maschas Mix - No. 66 -

Medieval is the prompt of this week at Spy Girls 52 Pick-me-up

Medieval I associate with linen, rough fabrics, scratchy wool and natural colors.
In addition to the courtly culture and sacred art, it was a time of poor life, the plague epidemics, illiteracy and superstition. Not a good time for simple folks...

A black cat was considered as a jinx or as the incarnation of Satan.
That's why cats were often tortured and killed.
Many were also burned along with their owners at the stake. If a woman does not exactly lived according to social norms, she was tortured as a witch.
I'm glad to live in our age, 
where I can live peacefully with my pet and without fear ...

However, the Medieval age is also a fascinating kind of music, simple melodies and narrative ballads.
Hurdy-gurdy, the challenge to dance...

In Germany we have today a kind of Medieval culture with festivals, markets, concerts and roles games.
Many bands have discovered Medieval music for yourself, try to play authentic or mix elements with modern rock and metal.
Here are two bands, which I really appreciate.


  1. In so many ways we are all lucky to be living now, rather than then, and we still have the chance to enjoy music and food and other delights from the Medieval days! What a purr-fect kitty cat. Great photos to go with this theme. I hadn't heard of Spy Girls before, I'll have to look them up.

  2. Beautifully made outfit! Beautiful scenes with the little cat.

  3. Awesome! I love medieval times. Such a rich and interesting history. My post had a Medieval theme, as well - Medieval architecture!

    Iowa Voice