Freitag, 11. März 2016

Friday Five and old songs

Good morning, 

its Friday again and time to join with
Amy's Five on Friday , Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five 
and Cath's Fun Friday Favourites.
Shared on saturday with Scenic Weekends.


A photo of some winter end many years ago.
But I like the picture and not always winter endings so picturesque.
Had this week no time to make new photos ...


It's still cold, but spring is in the air and I will try to find one hour every day for gardening.
Must cut off all the dry stuff so green can come forth below.
I do it not in the fall, because it is a little save for the roots in frosty.
But now bulb flowers want out.
Will try to take photos until next Friday.
It is so rapid!


Since I've voted for Tanya's Photo, I get the daily newsletter of Roanoke Times.
 I'm well informed now.
It's really interesting to see: there are some differences,
 but the everyday life seems to be similar in many ways.
This is very needed in Germany too at this time


Some new published picstories you can find here.


I found a collection of Russian songs, which I liked to hear in my young years. 
I had searched for another song, what I never find (since decades!) , 
but I'm lucky to hear this songs again.

Enjoy your weekend :-)


  1. My son is playing Russian songs on his iphone; what a coincidence. He lives in Ukraine. Thank you for sharing this. Pat :)

  2. Du Weltbürgerin, ich bin froh, Dich im Netz getroffen zu haben. Das macht mich sicher, mit meiner Weltoffenheit den richtigen Weg eingeschlagen zu haben.
    Musik gibt natürlich den allerbesten Zugang zu Emotionen, aber dazu die englischsprachige Zeitung mit einem Artikel, der meinem derzeitigen Aufbegehren gegen übertriebenen Nationalismus und einseitiges Religionsverständnis sehr entgegen kommt!
    Hab einen schönen Tag, herzlich Pippa

  3. Nice to see winter end !!!
    I like spring !!!
    Happy weekend.

  4. It's amazing what it can do to your feelings when you hear a song from your childhood. Glad you found them.

  5. The winter's end photo is almost like a painting due to the subdued colours, but also there is some light and shade. You must be looking forward to the change in the season. I hope you get some gardening done this coming week. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Mascha I love the mood of your late winter photo and then there is your video...have a super weekend.

  7. Such a cold looking picture but soon the sun will be blazing hot and flowers will be everywhere. Winter is about over.

  8. mascha, beautiful images and i just love the fact that you are getting the roanoke paper and that you and your love went through my blog! makes me happy! yes, that is a sad story, sad that this is happening today :( ...i love finding music and books from when i was a kid...really brings back floods of memories! thank you so much for linking mascha and i can't wait to see your spring plantings! have a wonderful weekend!

  9. That is a lovely snowy scene isn't it. I am glad that spring is coming for you, we are still waiting a bit here! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope that you have a good weekend! xx

  10. That was an interesting article in the paper.

  11. A beautiful capture of this road! Like the half snow still on the ground - Soon it will be Spring:) Have an enjoyable weekend!

  12. I'm glad you are putting in some time getting the garden ready! Loved the Russian song! It's wonderful to be able to find something we treasured from childhood. Glad you are reading about Roanoke...yes we ALL have so much in common!

  13. I have some favorite shots, too. There's something about them that draws you back to them now and again.

  14. The photo of winter's end is lovely. Soon green will sprout and change it all again.


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