Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

5 differences between the U.S. and Germany...

... which I discovered while reading blogs.
(This is just my own perception and must not be true 
or politically correct)

Most American bloggers feed birds and report them to their blogs .
In Germany only less people do that and in blogs it is rarely a topic ...


The birds in USA are nicer and more diverse than birds in Germany.


Americans don’t know insect hotels (and probably don't need).
Insect hotels are a popular environmental activity in Germany. They are self-made or bought ready-made and installed in courtyards and gardens to provide nesting areas for insects. Before the Germans have the courtyards and gardens restored and cleaned up so neatly that any loophole for insects was lost (I mean, it is an exaggeration with the German sense of order -)


Many American women are quilting.
I have previously read in books of this tradition, and now I see: it is a living tradition, I found it in many blogs.
While in Germany traditions are mostly dead and or be revived only with government support ...


There are many devout and spiritual people in the USA and the diversity of religions, 
directions, and communities promotes tolerance .
In our part Gemanys there are few religious people and they are unfortunately often very dogmatic and dismissive of other views.

As a bonus now the poetic part - лирический часть -
The "New World" meets the " Occident ":
Paul Robeson sings along with the famous Russian tenor Ivan Kozlovski Semjonowych a Russian folk song .
The recording was taken in 1957 during a guest performance by Paul Robeson in the USSR (I have a time released vinyl of Paul Robeson , Soviet-made , I like it very much )

Shared with Nancy's Random 5 Friday @ Rural Journal


  1. Great Random 5 - though I'm surprised you see the US as more tolerant than Germany. My experience in the US was the opposite...
    Have a fab Friday, Mascha :)

  2. I work with a lady who is from Germany. She has been here for 15 years, but still gets her green card every year so she can still go home should she decide she wants to. She really NEEDS to go home for a while because her father has cancer and is undergoing treatment at this time. Her name is Marina. I'll have to ask her where she is from in Germany.

    I also worked with a lady named Annemarie for 5 years. She, too, was from Germany, but became a U.S. citizen. I know she still misses her home in Germany and the family she left there.

    Working with these two wonderful women, I know there may be differences, but there are so many things we share, too. So many of the same things would make us just die laughing!

    1. Of course there are many of the same things and that is very good. The German women feel so obviously very well in USA.
      There are also only 5 random differences void, which fell on me. Know your country only from reading, could never travel (would like to).
      It is also good if there are differences, I think.
      (The tolerance that is unfortunately in the territory of the former GDR a general problem -)

  3. It's very interesting to hear your thoughts.Bee and insect hotels are very popular in the UK too, I have three in the garden- but I also feed the birds:)

  4. Beautiful Friday post.Gorgeous shots!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Great post. It is interesting to hear the differences. Beautiful shots!

  6. I enjoyed reading your Random 5. I think variety is great!

  7. Very interesting to learn of the differences in our countries -- lovely shots my friend.

  8. We have done something similar to attract bees and preying mantis to our garden. But I wish we could get rid of the ladybugs! Have a great weekend.

    1. Intersting! And the ladybugs stays more and more, with us too....

  9. In being American and reading your take on us from what you have gathered from blogs, I find much truth! I might not have been able to notice it as much as you have, but I found myself saying, "well...that's true, we do blog about birds, and quilt, and etc..." Insect hotels are new to me, so I need to go see what you mean.

  10. Interesting list! I had never heard of insect hotels.

  11. Oh Mascha ... don't forget that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We have many dogmatic, dismissive Christians here as well, they just are not bloggers. Our country is wonderful and I love that I am an American, but we have our problems ... the whole world is struggling now with issues that men have created. So appreciate the good and the beauty that you have and hope that it stays with you and grows.

    Lady bugs are realesed in gardens where I live because they do eat harmful insects ... perhaps they could become pests in large numbers, but they are good for a garden. Very nice and thoughtful post, Mascha and I hope that some day you will have the opprotunity to come visit us in America. .

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Oh yes, I'd like and I hope to one day have money for travel.
      Of course, ladybugs are useful. I am happy when I find them, right now, while cleaning up the garden and I do not disturb her sleep ... But it was last year so many, they whirred to thousands around the head, which was strange -
      Now, finally, I find your blog again! When I call your profile at my readers, it does not appear ... now I'm going to take the same on my blog list, so as not to lose again your seeing trips.

  12. It's very interesting to learn about other countries and their beliefs and such. I've never been to Germany but think it would be an interesting place to visit. I've not heard of Insect hotels. They do have things here that they hang in trees to collect bad bugs that harm the trees though.

  13. I don't feed birds very regularly or ever take pictures of them, and I don't quilt. I must be an unusual American.

  14. I do feed birds and share on the blog. Sometimes, they are the only interesting thing to blog about. Making a quilt is on my bucket list, but I'm not there yet. Very interesting to hear your observations.

  15. Du hast recht, das mit den Vögeln ist mir auch aufgefallen.
    Es ist schon toll, was man alleine durch das Nutzen des Internets über/von andere(n) Kulturen lernen kann...


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