Samstag, 1. November 2014

Railway station

We used to go visit my grandma on the train & on the way my sister & I would talk to people we met & tell them we were from Hawaii & could speak Polynesian & I'd hold up a 7-Up & say this is called puka-puka-wanini on the Big Island & we'd make up longer and longer names until it took about 10 minutes to say one & about that time we would be there & we'd say aloha & go off to have lunch at my grandma's & my sister would hold up a Mrs. Paul's fish stick & say in Hawaii they call these molo-molo-pooey-pooey & I'd try not to choke on my fruit punch.

- storypeople -


  1. Fun to see this railway station and the story you included was very enjoyable. Thank you Mascha!

    1. When you come to visit us you will be picked up from there ;-)

  2. I like your shots and the story. Did you ever get to Hawaii?

  3. So many fascinating shadow shapes. The deserted station is quite atmospheric.

  4. Your anecdote made me laugh! Terrific shot♪

  5. Oh, what fun ... I laughed at your story and I love that you and your sister had such creative fun together. I don't think I could have kept from choking on my fruit punch. Great pictures and loved the cute story.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. I love your story! What fun ... I remember talking to my friend in "gobbledygook" and be convinced that everyone thought we were speaking some exotic language...but yours was first. I like the perspective in your pic.