Montag, 3. November 2014

Maschas Mix - No.64 -

Layers ist heute das Thema bei Spy Girls 52 Pick-me-up.
Ich nehme ein Sommerkleidchen, einen langen Rock, einen Pulli und eine Strickjacke (selbst gestrickt) -
 fertig ist das Outfit für den Herbst!
Und die farblich passende Katze ist der Bonus ;-)

Layers is the topic at Spy Girls 52 Pick-me-up.
I take a little summer dress, a long skirt, a sweater and a cardigan (knitted by myself) - ready is the outfit for autumn!
And the color matching cat is the bonus ;-)


  1. Voll lässig....gefällt mir sehr gut und steht dir ausgezeichnet liebe Mascha.


  2. Awesome outfit you've layered it really well. Popping by from Creative Mondays.

  3. Dancer's pose in a DRESS! I love it! That sweater is wonderful and looks like it was fun to knit. Did you create the design? By the way, I NEVER saw anyone dressed as creatively as you when I was in Germany. Surely there are others, but where? Namaste!

    1. I celebrate my 55. Birthday in 6 weeks - sooner I could that better ...
      Yes, I have this jacket design by myselft, actually belongs on a red long shirt, for that I made it ...
      I'm always happy when I see someone dressed creative ... but it is rare in such a small town, here I am the "colorful dog", so they say ... - - - But life is too short for boring clothes :-)

  4. Wonderful job of layering! Love it! :)

  5. Mascha, I admire your layering skills! Greatly put together outfit, as you always do! xxx

  6. Lovely job and layering :)

    Thanks for sharing ...