Samstag, 29. November 2014

Songs to herself

She waved at all the people on the trains & later,
 when she saw they didn’t wave back,
 she started singing songs to herself & it went that way
 the whole day & she couldn’t remember having a better time in her life.

- storypeople -


  1. I often sing and talk to myself, doesn't everyone? Make your day special. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Lovely photos! I talk to myself all the time as well and I talk to the birds and the animals I see. I only sing while driving though. :-)

  3. Lovely scenic shots ~ so serene!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. Ah yes, pretty view, and the storypeople are so wise.

  5. it must be cold, I see a film of ice on the water, pretty captures.

  6. Magical light on the soft ripples in the water.

  7. awesome!!! thanks for linking in at my Sunday Lime

    much love...

  8. I truly understand. Lived my life activity that same way. And having my heart and spirit blessed is a real treat! Thank you. Love the photos.

  9. I love the second image, with the mix of water and ice, and the reflections!!! Although I also love the little story and its illustration...

  10. These are wonderful ... I love the story and I think it talks to everyone. My head is full of songs and I catch myself humming or even singing them as I work or even as I play. Talk to me about "Story People", I am not familier with it, but it sounds very interesting. Your pictures are beautifully composed, Macsha, as always.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. The awesome wise shortstories you can find all here
      When you subscribe via email, every day comes one story, nice illustrated.
      I very like storypeople.

  11. Ser att ni har lite kyligt ute med lite svag is på vattnet bilden är så fin
    ha en fin början av december

  12. Hah!...enjoyed your top shot, and loved the capture of the water♪